Where Can I Buy Nissan Altima Factory Rims?

2023 Nissan Altima SL


When it comes to Nissan Altima factory rims, nothing surpasses Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. Specifically crafted for a snug fit, these rims are the go-to choice for vehicle enthusiasts in Richmond. At Hanlees Hilltop Nissan, we offer a vast collection of Genuine Nissan parts, including Nissan Altima rims for sale. Whether you’re from San Pablo and drive an Altima or a resident of Berkeley with a Sentra, we cater to all.



The Top Sources for Purchasing Nissan Altima Rims

Authentic Nissan Altima rims for sale are predominantly found at esteemed Nissan dealerships. At Hanlees Hilltop Nissan, we not only stock OEM Nissan Altima rims but also provide comprehensive services and exclusive offers, ensuring the replacement process is both seamless and affordable. While aftermarket parts might appeal due to their cost-effectiveness, they don’t compare to the specific design and quality of Nissan Altima rims.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

Understanding the differences between OEM and aftermarket parts will aid in making an informed decision for car owners in El Cerrito:

  • OEM: Crafted exclusively for Nissan models, OEM Nissan Altima rims ensure an unparalleled fit and finish. Even though they might be pricier, their longevity and warranty coverage validate the investment.
  • Aftermarket: While they might be the choice for some in El Cerrito, these generic parts, although affordable, may not offer the precise fit and quality of genuine Nissan Altima rims for sale.

Explore The Spectrum of Nissan Altima Rims Available

For Nissan Altima enthusiasts in San Pablo, a range of rims is available in various materials and from distinguished brands:

Wheel Types:

  • Factory Alloy Wheels
  • Factory Steel Wheels
  • Spare Wheels


  • Replikaz®
  • Replace®
  • Dorman®
  • OE Wheels®
  • Perfection Wheel®
  • CCI®


  • 15×6 16-hole
  • 16×6.5 15-hole
  • 16×7 15-hole
  • 16×7 9-hole
  • 17×7.5 5-spoke
  • 18×7.5 10-spoke

Secure Your Perfect Nissan Altima Rims at Hanlees Hilltop Nissan Today!

When you’re on the lookout for Nissan Altima factory rims, our extensive selection of genuine Nissan Altima rims for sale at Hanlees Hilltop Nissan is here to meet your needs. Discover the ideal rims for your model, benefit from our exclusive parts specials, and make significant savings on your Nissan Altima rims. Visit our dealership in Richmond or get in touch with any inquiries!


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