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Finance and Lease Offers

Who doesn’t love to get a good deal? We know how much people around San Pablo love to take advantage of special offers. Thankfully, the team at Hanlees Hilltop Nissan has truck lease deals on your next pickup truck lease to help you save a buck next time you’re shopping for a new car. Our SUV lease specials are also ready to keep more money in your pocket, and with the help of our value your trade tool, you can get a cash offer on your car!

Buying vs. Leasing: A Very Important Question

When you’re shopping for a car near Berkeley, you might ask yourself, “Should I buy or lease?” That’s a very important question to figure out before you start shopping, because buying and leasing correspond to vastly different automotive needs. Here’s our guide:

  • You should buy a vehicle if you’re in for the long haul and want to build equity in your automotive investment. You can get a short- or long-term loan and can customize your vehicle as you see fit. You’ll build equity as you pay off your loan. Once you’re done with your loan, you own your vehicle outright!
  • You should lease a vehicle if you’re looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest model sooner rather than later. Most lease terms are 36 months and you’ll pay less both at signing and over the life of the vehicle. However, you’ll be restricted in both mileage and customization, so watch out if you plan on driving a lot.

Our Team is More than Happy to Help!

The people at Hanlees Hilltop Nissan near El Cerrito are ready to get you the vehicle that’s right for you. Contact us today on our convenient online web form to get in touch with automotive experts who can help you. Our sales staff is packed full of experts and we would love nothing more than to guide you through the car buying process on your terms.